Hi everyone! 

My name is Sonia. I’m a wife and a mommy of 3 kiddos. 1 boy age 12 and two girls ages 6 and 10 months old. I run on coffee and ketones most days. If you’re a mama you know #momlife isn’t easy. Somedays are beautiful other days are never ending and stressful. 

I began my Keto lifestyle in January of 2018 and I have never felt better. I have slowly started to transition my family into this way of living and eating with not much resistance, which makes my heart so happy. 

I love to cook and come up with Keto/Low Carb recipes. I’ve documented most of my weight loss journey on my Instagram page and all my daily meals there too. 

I’ve always wanted to create a blog but wasn’t sure what I would write about. I’ve always had a passion for cooking, coffee and talking all things #momlife and now I have this space where I can hopefully write about all three of those things. 

I’m so happy you’re here. Stick around for amazing and delicious recipes/meals, real talk about #momming because let’s be real it ain’t easy, it’s not always sunshine and butterflies and on those days coffee helps. 

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